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The Spring Rain Rabbit



looking at rabbits more ....did a live trace in Illustrator from my marker drawing.


IF: Impossibility

It seems an impossibility that these tiny seedlings will become giant sunflowers:)

, watercolor and gouache (last photo)
(Also above, Watercolor and Cutout Effects in Illustrator)


Work in Progress: Pastel


Okay, I know I am supposed to be drawing and painting, but I knew this would happen. All winter I wait for a day like we are having today and I am drawn instead, outside into the garden. These gorgeous ranunculus from a local market which I'll plant later. I found good info here about growing this tuber. I get a little twitchy though thinking about drawing it....I have my limits. Seedlings for my kitchen garden on the back to the drawing board....


It's beginning to feel a lot like Spring...


Oh! rabbit rug ...and more inspiration videos.

Ok, here is yet another lovely rabbit...this one hooked by my big sister:) Love it!

Reading Communication Arts March/ April anniversary issue... 50 years! I like the Milton Glaser interview. (except for the part where he says "Oh, sweetie I don't think that way about anything..."...did he really have to say "sweetie"?)

Here is an interview on Vimeo (Thanks to Chad Grohman) with one of my all -time favorites, Brad Holland. And Richard Solomon (artist rep) gives a series (18 or 19) of short answers to questions about illustration, self-promotion, and contract negotiating. Very helpful.



Trip to Ithaca. Decided to push the saturation in PS.
Ithaca is such a colorful town:)

reading and listening to....
Elizabeth Gilbert's thoughts on writing
Elizabeth Gilbert's talk at TED conference on creativity.
Maira Kalman's talk "The Illustrated Woman"at TED


Rabbits everywhere

Just good old fashioned spring cleaning and organizing. These would be nice.

So with the holiday coming (Easter) there are rabbits popping up everywhere. This wooden one on wheels is an oldie but goodie. The other is carved out of soap:) and here is another bunny I am in love with by Chad Grohman.


Design & Illustration: Blog Header

Header designs I needed to do asap for a blog with content for brides and bridesmaids...I was really inspired by Robin Zingone's website. I found her thanks to Illustration Mundo. I really wanted HER to design this, but alas, I think she is a tad busy being famous...All I can say is WOW! Enjoy!


Sand Mandala for a Sad Day

Today there was a horrible loss of life in our hometown. Fourteen people were killed at the ACA. The American Civic Association here "...Assists immigrants and refugees with immigration and personal counseling, resettlement, citizenship, family reunification, interpreters, and translators....and fosters cross cultural understanding for the entire community." My past experience as a teaching artist in the local museum included many multicultural initiatives which required doing research with The American Civic Association and The Refugee Assistance Center. One of which, was work on an exhibit called Refuge: The Newest New Yorkers "in response to increasing resettlement of international refugees in New York state, the Roberson Museum and Science Center in Binghamton mounted an exhibition entitled Refuge: The Newest New Yorkers. The show of documentary photographs by Mel Rosenthal featured recent refugee immigrants from Bosnia, Somalia, Cuba, Tibet and other countries. To help student visitors see beyond the "otherness" of the images to universal human experience, the museum's education staff designed a gallery walk on the theme of forced change".
Teaching Tolerance magazine) One of the activities I designed was a mandala activity for students in school groups and the general public. A large sand mandala (for Peace) was to be constructed by Tibetan monks in the gallery. Research was done in Ithaca at the Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca, NY. It was an amazing experience for me to work so closely with the monks. The mandalas pictured here were made by children in my art classes and by art therapists at a conference at Marywood University where I gave a presentation. You can learn more about Tibetan sand mandalas here. What I came to realize was that Tibetan sand mandalas are sacred art...they are like prayers and blessings. The doing of them, is a cooperative activity (traditionally 5-6 monks work on a mandala together) and the dispersal of them into bodies of water sends the "wishes or blessings" out into the world. What a beautiful idea.....maybe I will make a mandala for this sad day.


Brian Stauffer likes

Reading Brian Stauffer's blog on Drawger. Wow! Nice (make that " Amazing" ) work. He recommends to increase your exposure beyond print for your portfolio. There's an example on his website. Very interesting....I can see lots of applications for this for lots of different folks...and it's free:)


Work in Progress: Sketching Cats

Revisiting these two sketches I did a while ago. Will refine the drawings and plan color.
Sorry for the bad to enlarge.


Joe Spoon

A gift from a good friend...spoon/ladle made by Joe Spoon.
I really love his work:) like calligraphy in metal.


IF: Poise

The little chef showed remarkable poise, gentleness and
determination during the competition.

This is a repost of an illo done last week, but couldn't help feeling that poise sort of "fit him".


Spring in bloom

It seems the smallest flowers are the bravest:)


Yupo Paper

Craig Frazier animations at He describes it as discovering he could make his drawings breathe. Nice. More on Craig Frazier at Scamp (Irish Illustrators' Blog) Love his Drawords project!

Experimenting with yupo paper samples I got in the mail today. It is synthetic paper. It resists water, but some watercolor artists are using it. You can get it here . I think I'd like it better for drawing and pen and ink...has a real smooth vellum more about it here.


Kitchen Gardens

I love to cook. Two years ago I was itching for a kitchen garden. Just something small, nearby where I could harvest fresh herbs and salad stuff. I had only a narrow southern-exposed strip of earth that was home to some overgrown shrubs. So, I felt compelled to create something out of nothing. Last year I had cherry tomatoes, all varieties of small lettuces, basil, lavender, oregano, thyme (wonderful thyme!) A summer's worth of fresh salad convinced me it was worth the work. Johnny's Seeds were highly recommended to me. This year I will be harvesting my first garlic. It is a very small but satisfying space...a continual work in progress ( will be working on training roses up a trellis this year). The bluish colored stuff in the raised beds is "green sand" which will be worked into the soil and I'm schooling myself about composting. The biggest hurdle will be DEER!!
I was so happy to hear about the White House's new Kitchen Garden promoted over the years by Chez Panisse's Alice Waters. You can read her reaction to it here ( a reporter tracked her down in an orange grove). In addition, I admire her "Edible Schoolyard". She is cultivating a food-intelligent new generation. The woman just makes me smile:)
What would YOU plant?


Watercolor: Little Chef

Little Chef :
dark strokes effect; poster edges effect; and the original


Academy of Sciences Recycling Exhibit Signage