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Custom Invitation Design

Project finis! On to the next one! Stay tuned. Weddings are so much fun! Especially when you are working with the amazing Bella Figura! And this photo courtesy of the super talented Studio Nouveau! Thank 


Letterpress Love

Finished a paper on Vivienne Flesher and its off to the proofreader. Now I have a San Francisco assignment and the thesis work and paper to finish...

Besides being a paper junkie, I love letterpress. Part of the thesis work will result in some letterpress. I'm working it out now, but I have the printer and the paper and it may double for promo stuff later so I get 2 for one:) Maybe it will also give me a chance to get back to my calligraphy:)

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favorite letterpress companies dee&lala,bella figura, moontree letterpress egg press letterpress,

bird and banner, dock2letterpress