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Hand Drawn Maps

© Peg Nocciolino 2015

A recent fun project... A hand drawn map of Cooperstown NY for a family wedding.


Hudson, NY

Weekend in Hudson NY for third Annual Ramp Fest. 20 chefs showing off what they can do with this first edible sign of Spring foraged in the woods of the Hudson Valley and elsewhere. The Fest is held annually at the Basilica, a cool old warehouse turned event center. Hudson revolves around Warren Street and for good reason. Over a mile long, Warren Street is filled with art galleries, antiques shops, gourmet markets and restaurants. 

Go here to read newest restaurant Fish and Game's owner/chef Zak Pellaccio's picks for best of Hudson.

Swoon Kitchenbar our favorite...and Lilli and Loo Home too.

Cafe le Perche. Best pastries, apple beignets, croissants....

Warren Street architecture

Inside Verdigris, a tea and chocolate shop 

Warren Street

one of many interesting window boxes 

Fiddleheads at a gourmet market on Warren Street




Fall (back in time) in Cooperstown NY

Carousel at the Farmer's Museum


The General Store

Weaver making kitchen towel fabric.....

with wool from the sheep on the farm there


Hung and labeled by dye process...

Chamonmile and Tin...

In the front of the weaver's shop is a broome making shop..., museum employees:)

Ye Olde Print Shoppe...

Painted tin angel...

Medicinal herb garden outside ye old pharmacy...

Back from the battle...

old stone houses...

Stay tuned...more to come...


Thank you CAA

Thank you CAA. Just notified that I am a Merit Award winner for both Koi and Avocado.  From the Cooperstown Art Association....CAA has printed a poster with all the works selected in the 77th show.

"We are very excited to offer a limited edition full-color poster commemorating our 77th Annual National Juried Show! The 11x17 poster features images of all 103 pieces that were accepted this year by juror Tony Reinemann. Posters are be available through the CAA for a donation of $5 each (an additional $4 will be charged if you would like it shipped to you). To purchase yours call us at (607) 547 - 9777, stop by the gallery or email us at All proceeds benefit the Cooperstown Art Association and our Prize Fund which provides monetary awards for our Regional and National Juried shows.

The poster features artwork by Bette Alexander, Scott Anderson, Marcia Babler, Linda L. Bacon, Bruce R. Baker, Michael Bignell, Charles Bremer, Ed Brodzinsky, Burdick & George Strong, Laurel Nugent Burgin, Edith Caballero, Julie L. Carney, Paul Chapman, Celia Clark, Jim Cook, Dianna Costa, Ronnie Cramer, Patricia Cudd, Marie Cummings, Kristin Derimanova, Sandra Dovberg, Stu Eichel, Joy Englehart, Scott T. Estelle, Carolyn Favor Kibbe, Beth Flor, Ernie L. Fournet, Thomas Frank, Paula Friedman, Jimmy Tim Fry, Arnold Galin, Jacqueline Garrick-Waldman, Walter Garver, Douglas Gillette, John Gilluly, Gary N. Givonetti, Laurie Greenbaum Beitch, Roberta Griffith, Bro Halff, Albert Handell, Robert Harrington, Erica Hart, Charles Hartley, Frank Hoeffler, Virginia Hoeppner, Liz Horender, Bob Ievers, Joan Jardine, Terri Jordan, David Kiehm, Donna Kistler, Ron Koehler, Linda Kollar, Judi Krew, Chris Kroup, Joe Kubic, Joseph Kurhajec, Jared Lacy, Mark Larsen, Gary Larsen, Mark Larsen, Bill Lee, Johanna Lerwick, Wilfred Loring, Ronald Lytel, Bob Madden, Dennis Mahony, Evelyn McCorristin-Peters, Neal McDannel, Leah McDonald, Pamela Menotti, Niels Michaelsen, Inga-Britta Mills, Larry Mirarchi, Paul Mosher, Bonnie Murray, Tony Murray, Lynda Naske, Nedra Newby, Robert Niedzwiecki, Peg Nocciolino, Mary Nolan, Ray Palmer, Sunghee Park, Leslie Peck, Jan Valerie Polk, Angela Possemato, Nancy Powhida, Richard L. Price, Helga Prichard, Peter Rashford, Lee Robbins, Cornelia Ruehlicke, Carien Schippers, Marcie Schwartzman, Truitt Seitz, Renee Simone, Lee Sims, Carol Slutzky-Tenerowicz, Chad Smalt, JoAnn H. Smith, Roxa Smith, Anda Stelian, Roland E. Stevens III, Harvey Sutton, Kate Timm, Emily Vallance, Elaine Wentworth, Janet Wentworth, Linda Wesner, David R. White, Jenny Wiener, Patricia Wiley, KL Wright, Cheryl Ann Wright, Peggy Wyman, Maria Yakov, Mary Grace Yanashot, Janet Marie Yeates, and Fotios Zemenides.

The 77th Annual National Exhibition will be on display in all three galleries of the CAA from July 13th through August 17th. The Cooperstown Art Association galleries are located at 22 Main St. in the Village Library Building, diagonally across from the Baseball Hall of Fame. We are open daily 11a.m. to 4p.m., Sunday 1p.m. to 4p.m. Our opening receptions are free and open to the public."


Country time

Visiting friends in Cooperstown and gathering photo references.



Sir Elton

Lucky to catch an Elton John concert in Rochester, --his last stop on

tour before going to the royal wedding.

beautiful chalk typography by Dana Tanamachi

She works for Louise Fili....

Wish I could go ....Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print coming to Rochester.

When you think you are working this video about decorative glass artist and signmaker,

David Smith



Circling the Wagons

Everyone was very excited about the new logo/illustration for the festival. Calef Brown's design worked beautifully! The t-shirts were flying out of the tent:) Thank you Calef!

I won't be posting for the next two weeks. I have been immersed in drawing and painting assignments for Hartford and I am getting ready for a trip to Ireland.  I think I now realize what Chad did exactly one year ago by circling the wagons....I'm feeling it....


Historic Sharon Springs Garden Festival and Beekman 1802


Today was a day of inspiration in Sharon Springs, NY at the Garden festival downtown. One cannot help getting a very real sense of history in this town. And it was nice seeing it so alive with people. There were lots of vendors set up in the garden behind the American Hotel where we had a great lunch. Afterward we had the best chocolate truffles by vendor Austin of Austintacious. He is selling his melt in your mouth truffles at The Black Cat which I am told has great food for lunch. Austin, a former cast member of "CATS" on Broadway, hopes to open his own storefront soon where he will also be selling his truffles and singing and entertaining folks one night a week.

Another great vendor was "Garden Arts" where there were unique perennials and garden items.

My Sister's Place is another local cafe which features homemade jams made on premises and made with local produce & paired with unique ingredients, tea-infused jellies, onion jamalade, local nys maple syrup, and mu mu muesli.

We headed next to Beekman 1802's new downtown store which features goat cheese, goatmilk soap, and fine textiles, heirloom seeds from the Landreth Co., and paper goods. Pure aromatherapy when you enter the store! In addition to their monthly scented soaps, they have a great chemical-free bug-repellent bar made of goat milk soap, coconut oil, olive oil and a custom blend of essential oils that naturally repel insects. It comes packaged in travel-sized pats and Brent said you could just rub it on or shower with it for longer protection. A friend wanted to use it for her grandchildren! Dr. Brent Ridge (former VP for Martha Stewart Omnimedia) was behind the antique counter ringing up sales and Josh Kilmer-Purcell was on the porch signing copies of his new book The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentleman Farmers I am laughing and smiling after reading the I can't wait to get to the rest of the book:) so funny...summer reading! Josh and Brent are even getting their own reality show on Planet starting June 16th. The premier was showing at the local high school but we couldn't stay-darn.I did get to sample the goat cheese with Blaak Onion Jam made with balsamic vinegar-heavenly:) The textiles are made by a local artist weaver on a 100 year old loom. A great day!



Barn Sale

Been reading the WOW book for Adobe Illustrator and wanted to try a few things. This image made by doing a live trace of a color photo then restricting the colors to 6. It has a similar effect to "cutout" which I like...

There is a big barn sale coming up! MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY on weekend of June 12-14! Fun road trip:) with out of town guests! What's the barn sale like? You can watch a video on their website:)


Drawing Trip to Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University

Another road trip to Lab of O. Our GNSI group met to do research sketches for the "Common Birds in Decline" exhibit that our local chapter will be doing later this year there, which I posted about before. It was good to finally get to see the real McCoy Common Tern aka Sterna hirundo. I had a female and male and a one-day old chick "skin" as they are referred to. The Common Tern is also referred to as a sea starling. It's wing span, according to its tag, is 772mm or 30.3937 inches. I did the drawing on a cream -toned pastel paper and used HB pencil, along with some graphite and white and orange pastel pencil. The feathers on the breast are an almost pinkish grey while the top feathers are more blue-grey. Also got to see a nesting hummingbird and a ruby throated hummingbird's nest. They were so teeny...just amazing! Also out in the hallway was an astonishing skeleton of a very large snake!! EEK!


IF: Flawed/ Pastel: Fire in Pharsalia

"The wiring in Jake's house was mysteriously flawed."

Starting a series of illustrations with (Rembrandt) pastels....

The setting: Pharsalia, NY
a village in Chenango County NY.

The town received its first settler in 1797. Pharsalia was founded from part of the Town of Norwich in 1806, but was then called the "Town of Stonington." In 1808, the town was renamed "Pharsalia."

As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 542 people, 200 households, and 154 families residing in the town. There are 15 firefighters in the Pharsalia Fire Department.


Inspiration in Nature

I find a lot of inspiration in nature. This tree with visiting crows may figure into a future drawing or print. And some bird tracks....they seem like big feet to me...maybe a mourning dove? definitely not a junco or chickadee. I heard there is a big Noreaster brewing up for next Tuesday...Road trip to Ithaca tomorrow for my birthday. Working on a pastel illustration to post sometime soon.... Loved reading this interview on DesignSponge with Maria Vettese who does letterpress and started The Card Society ( I gave a subscription as a Christmas present to a good friend...) Have a beautiful weekend!


New Year's Day

Some photos from our New Year's celebration with friends at their Cooperstown, NY home. The Gingerbread House ( not real but very impressive and can be lit from the inside) is from here.