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The Bard Experiments

More trial and error. I've always wanted to do a portrait of "The Bard". This is a watercolor with pen and ink manipulated digitally. Which one do you like?


The first lines are the best

In college, an art professor once explained approaches to drawing and touted " a la prima or the first (lines) are the best." It's true...I usually end up preferring my initial sketches to the finished piece. By the time I've "cleaned up" the image, I've sometimes cleaned away the heart, spirit, and soul of the drawing.... These sketches, still in devlopment, for a folk portrait tribute (sort of) to Larry Downey, an ole time fiddler who passed away in 2001. I like the facial expression in the initial sketch, especially around the eyes, and mouth...he is older, wiser, and more likeable Larry. In the second, he is younger, inexperienced, and slicker...not as likeable somehow. It boils down to a just few lines and shapes, (nose) but they are critical. Maybe will try a looser Ciardielloesque approach with pen and ink with washes.....hmmmm