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Tiny Tripod



Beautiful skies lately allowing me to get some cloud reference shots for next painting.

Checking out CS5 this week. Much work ahead....





More rodeo experiments in PS


Notes from LA and Hartford

One of the best things about the MFA in Illustration at Hartford, aside from Murray and Carol Tinkelman, the incredible faculty, the guest artists, the rigor and challenge of Master's level thesis work, and the amazingly talented professionals I get to call fellow students, is the travel to places far and wide. Last November, on one day, we braved the LA super highways with our rental cars and GPS and found our way to the Getty Museum per Murray's and Carol's instruction; "It is not to be missed!" The museum is embedded into the side of a mountain and is a jaw-dropping architectural and art experience.

My take-away from the day was the Irving Penn (June 16, 1917 – October 7, 2009) ( of Vogue fame) exhibit "Small Trades", "one of the most significant bodies of work in Irving Penn's oeuvre".

In the introduction, curators, Virginia Heckert with Anne Lacoste describe the the work as "Begun in Paris in the summer of 1950 and continued over the next year in London and New York, the photographs (over 200) present full-length studies of individuals in their work clothes and carrying the tools of their trades. Each is posed against a seamless studio backdrop and modeled by natural light."

I recalled Alice Carter's passionate admonitions in Hartford last summer about the drama of "the silhouette"...of course, the silhouette...and here they were: chimney sweeps, waiters, women wrestlers, chefs, bellboys, butchers, fireman, policeman, house painters, cheese sellers, mailmen, flower delivery men, seamstresses, sculptors and prizefighters and on and simply and beautifully rendered in light.

Penn's assistant, and later chief editor of French Vogue, Edmonde Charles Roux, was asked by Penn "Can you explain, why they are all so proud?" Yes, they are proud because they have a petit metier, because they have fingers and hands and nothing else. The point of the story is to show that these were people who had very modest jobs but they loved these jobs because they were their own-their jobs and their work clothes."

 Irving Penn died at the age of 92, one month before the exhibit opening.






The objects and piles of things in the new space
look strangely beautiful early in the morning.
The sculpture is of my father. My handmade paper is
framed on the wall. The light will be most welcome here.

Also, you can now see my "news" on Squint. This is the blog for
the University of Hartford Limited Residency MFA Illustration
program directed by the famous Murray Tinkleman. Our faculty
includes "Amazing Greats"such as Nancy Stahl, Gary Kelly, CF Payne,
Alice Carter, Ted Lewin, Betsy Lewin, and now Zina Saunders!


Dogs in the neighborhood


Robin's Egg

Found this little gem in the garden this morning. How it survived a fall from the tree is a mystery. From what I can surmise, the advice is to leave it where you find it....slim chances of survival being raised by humans even if the chick did survive the fall. How about that blue though? amazing...


It's beginning to feel a lot like Spring...


cat compositions

A few cat moments. I like that once in awhile I can catch Jack and Bella in the act of being elegant.


World Aids Day: Photography Exhibit

An exhibit opening this Friday, by friends, Lesli and Kirk Van Zandbergen


Artists' Open House Weekend

It is hard to stay indoors this weekend! Beautiful weather and fall colors enticed me to visit some artist friends at this weekend's annual Artists' Open House Weekend in Susquehanna Pa. Kirk and Lesli VanZandbergen (professional photographers) opened the doors to their Brackney, PA studio. In addition to the great photos they have 2 llamas, a great dog "Zeke"and the best home made maple syrup which I stocked up on. Last year, I designed the label with Kirk and Zeke on it. They also have a studio in downtown Binghamton. Then went to visit Colleen at Sea Hag Soaps and Art Mercantile where she sells Evelyn Lawrence's rugs.
Great virtual tour on Hag website. Look at some of her hooked rugs under "artists" on the Sea Hag site. Have a nice weekend...