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3X3 Directory 

The 2012 3x3 Directory of illustration has arrived! My portrait of Vivienne good company:)

From the 3x3 website...

"A total of 335 illustrators from 29 countries are represented inside our 480-page Directory. Work is divided in nine categories ranging from conceptual to children’s, whimsical to decorative, landscape to lettering, figurative to fashion with animal rounding out our categories.

What we’ve found is that art directors and art buyers really like our Directory. They love our selection—our Directory is curated, you must be invited to be in. They love our size—it’s portable. They love our design—single image per page grouped by color or theme. And they like the categories and our online counterpart that clicks directly to the artist’s site. They'll also like the option to view the Directory on their iPad.

Illustrators love our Directory because they’re surrounded by the best illustrators around. And they love our page price, anyone can afford to be in our Directory.

The Directory is distributed free to over 6,000 art directors and art buyers in the United States. The list is highly targeted to those who have an interest in illustration whether they’re in advertising, publishing—magazine and books, in-house corporate, entertainment or design."


Chris Spollen

©peg nocciolino 2011 watercolor, pen and ink

Chris Spollen and Danny Pelavin just radiated encouragement when they talked to us this summer in our class on self promotion. I'm just having fun with the watercolor and pen and ink again after doing so much digital work.





Gary Kelley



Gary Kelley

Ive been reviewing summer photos from Hartford and thought I'd try to do some sketches of the faculty.

Trying to get back to pen and ink which used to be my go to medium. 


Another vintage toy linocut. I know I could make it perfect in Illustrator, but I like the handcut look:)

Printed on Rives BFK.


New Vivienne


IF: Shadows (in Vivienne Flesher portrait)

Vivienne Flesher ©Peg Nocciolino 2011

watercolor, digital


Kenton Nelson Revisited (digitally)

This began as a traditional watercolor/gouache painting from an earlier post which I imported into Photoshop and then painted digitally. The original painting is small so it was hard to get the detail I wanted. With digital, I just hit ctrl + and I get as close as I want...nice. It's something I have been wanting to explore....there are pros and cons that come with digital painting. I have not yet decided how I feel about it....but I coouldn't stop once I started, so guess that says something.

...finished preparing digital files for self-promos...check that off the list.

...getting excited about trip to Dallas. It will be great to see everyone again.


IF: Propagate (ideas...)


While visiting his studio, Kenton Nelson propagated his ideas about painting with glass mosaics.

This is a work in progress. Experimenting. Watercolor, & gouache for the figure and digitally painted background. For a detail go here.


Kenton Nelson Study


Pasadena assignment is in the works. This is a detail of one. It is a study of Kenton Nelson which was my first inclination. But I have two ideas on the drawing board so not sure which one will win out.  Watercolor and gouache so far....may take it into Illustrator to experiment....more to come.


In progress...