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Experimenting with an illustration for a vintage clothing shop. I think the glasses make her look more like a "Queen Bee" with her beehive do. I was really inspired by Christopher Silas Neal's recent illo of Jackie O in Real Simple magazine. Love love his work.

I've been trying to conquer Photoshop and Illustrator so I've been on a lot lately.

Have sketches in the works for a NYC assignment for Hartford which will be critiqued in San Francisco in March. This experimenting on the beehive is getting me a step closer to the process and look I like.

I have Vivienne Flesher, Brian Cronin, Ward Schumaker, and Christopher Silas Neal in my head and need to process them through as Murray says.


Studio News

Finally have the studio in working much light!! Still have some more to do, but the worst part is over. Pandora and painting......